I am an art / creative director and designer living and working in New York and (sometimes) San Francisco. I have extensive agency experience, as well as time spent working on the corporate side. The work I do is multidisciplinary; that means interactive, app design, typography, print, branding, campaign concepts, pitch work, photography, and more. This comes from a belief that the best and most appropriate tools available should be used to convey story of a brand. Or simply for creative expression. Ideally, both.
I am currently engaged in (and seeking) contract work, and pursuing a few self-initiated projects, among other things. Drop a line and say hello, you can also check me out on LinkedIn

I've got some photos taken with a camera here and ones taken (mostly) with an iPhone here. I pin things from time to time (mostly typography related stuff), and on the somewhat rare occasion, tweet. That's all for now.